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Service Before, During and After Installation of Your Custom Closet

Do you provide a fixed price guarantee or will I have to read a lot of fine print in your agreement?

This is the biggest area of customer complaints. Some closet companies will present totally unrealistic bids just to get the project.

Leaving out desired or needed accessories is just one of the ways these companies can present what looks like a “fantastic price.”

We don’t work that way. We will recommend and include all accessories that fit your space and use preferences.

We will prepare a fixed price proposal as soon as your design work is completed and approved by you. Each bid will provide a detailed breakdown of the materials to be used and a fixed price for the total project.

Do you offer a lifetime warranty?

Yes, and we are confident that our manufacturing and installation process is worthy of a lifetime warranty. Because we manufacture your closet materials we understand how to measure and can provide a better fit and finish for your closet. We utilize a written step-by-step installation process to ensure a quality project and to eliminate inconsistencies. We want our customers to know that their closet will still be looking good years after the last piece is in place. Our warranty covers workmanship and excludes ordinary wear and tear.

How can I find out if your insurance policy covers everyone working on my project?

This is a great question and we recommend you ask the following questions before you hire a company to install your new closet or cabinetry:

Will each crew member who will be working on my project be covered by your workers compensation insurance policy? If they answer no, then ask who will be liable if one of your workers is injured on your property.

Many companies in Florida advertise that they are “fully insured”. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really mean anything.

Worker’s compensation insurance does NOT COVER subcontractors or day laborers. This means that if a subcontractor or day laborer gets hurt on your property you can be held liable for their injuries.

Avoiding companies who use subcontractor or day laborers is a smart move. We only use employees on our projects and they are all covered by our workers compensation insurance. We also have $600,000 of liability insurance as an added protection for our clients.

Upon request, we will provide you with the contact information for our insurance broker so you can verify our coverage.

Do you have employee conduct policies in place?

Our crew members are trained to act like guests in your home. We have a strict policy that prohibits the use of drugs or alcohol by our crew members and they are not allowed to smoke in your home or on your property.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept American Express, VISA and MasterCard for projects.

How can I be comfortable that you will leave my custom closet clean and ready to use?

We have a written clean-up checklist that is used on each project. Following this checklist on every project ensures that your home or office is ready for use at the beginning and end of each day. This is just part of the ArtisanBilt professional job performance.


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