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The ArtisanBilt Advantage

How We Ensure You’ll Love Your Custom Closet

  • Melamine is a very strong material but the edges and corners can become chipped when it isn’t handled properly. We take extra steps to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition. We aren’t perfect and on that rare occasion when we have damaged a piece, we quickly make a replacement piece at our own local manufacturing facility. We also offer beautiful hardwood cabinets. Cherry, Maple, and Adler are the most popular but we can work with any wood materials, stained or painted, to your specifications.

  • We use full 3/4” material for all our shelves and sides. Some competitors use thinner materials that cost less even though those materials can impact structural integrity and sag or warp.

  • Crooked or sloped shelves may result if the installer or designer does not take into account floors that aren’t level and walls that aren’t straight. We can install wall-mounted or floor-mounted units to properly accommodate your home or office space. We only use our own employees (no sub-contractors) to install your cabinets to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained.

  • Drawers that aren’t square or aligned properly won’t slide in and out easily or the bottom fails over time. Our drawers are constructed from 9-ply Baltic Birch boxes using full dovetail construction, full-extension, heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer slides, and inset bottoms. All of these features add to the beauty, convenience, and durability of your closet.

  • Edge-banding that isn’t precisely applied or that is too thin won’t stand up to normal use and will come off or start to peel away. We use 2mm thick edge-banding which is about 4-times thicker than most of our competitors. This gives superior edge protection and allows us to round the edges, providing a better look and feel.

  • Accessories that can make life easier aren’t recommended and/or little-used accessories are “sold” as great ideas by overly aggressive salespeople. We have a full line of accessories that we offer but none that we would recommend in every situation.

We Only Recommend Products You’ll Truly Find Helpful

We will make specific recommendations based on your space and user preferences. We would rather tell you not to put something in than to sell you something that really won’t be that convenient or used that often. We provide valet rods, sliding belt racks, sliding tie racks, jewelry trays, acrylic shelf dividers, hampers, pull-out ironing boards, pull-down upper clothing rods, and many other accessory items.

We design each custom closet and have successfully completed over 400 custom closet installations. When you hire ArtisanBilt you can be assured that we will use our 15 years of experience to evaluate, measure, and design your custom closet to meet your unique storage needs and preferences.

We manufacture each closet locally at our 10,000 sq. ft. custom cabinet and woodworking facility in Valparaiso, Florida to ensure quality, on-time delivery, proper fit, and finish. Owning a manufacturing facility that is local provides us with a significant advantage over our competitors that don’t have a dedicated facility and are subject to the whims and capabilities of manufacturers. In the event that we need to change or adjust something, we can easily produce a new part, usually the same day. Our competitors will often have to wait weeks for replacement parts or the installer will be forced to “make it work” on the job.

Lifetime Warranty.png
We offer a Lifetime Warranty.

We are confident that our manufacturing and installation process is worthy of a lifetime warranty. We want our customers to know that their closet will still be looking great years after the last piece is in place.
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