Reputation and Business Stability

How long have you been installing custom closets in the Florida Panhandle as your primary business?

We have successfully completed over 400 custom closet installations in the Florida panhandle since 2006. Our owner, Ken Rodgers, has over 15 years of experience in cabinetry, furniture and construction including kitchens, baths and additions. Whether you want to organize your walk-in closet, reach-in closet, bedroom, pantry, office or garage storage it is our goal to bring ingenuity and quality to your project.

How many references should I call?

Every custom closet company can come up with 3 good references. We recommend that you ask for a minimum of 10 references.

Companies that install custom closets as their primary business complete 50 installations every year so asking for 10 references shouldn’t be a big deal.

Questions to consider asking a reference to easily check the closet company's reputation and service record might include those below:

  • Did they start on the date they promised?

  • Did they complete in one day or in the number of days promised?

  • Did they clean up your home to your satisfaction?

  • Was the amount you paid what you were quoted?

  • Were there any problems with their service, and if so, how did they handle them?

  • Were they always polite and courteous to everyone in your home?

  • Have you recommended them to anyone else?

  • Why did you hire them in the first place?

ArtisanBilt will provide you a list of at least 20 customer references that you can call to “check us out”.

Who will be supervising my project?

Ken Rodgers, the company owner, normally supervises each project. Ken has over 15 years of experience in cabinetry, furniture and construction including kitchens, baths and additions.

His goal for each project is to ensure that the installation is completed using the ArtisanBilt step-by-step process that has been developed and refined based on the 400 projects we have successfully completed.

Our process allows our clients to know specifically what we are doing and it also allows them to easily compare what we offer to what is offered by our competitors.

Supervising each project allows Ken to continually train his employees. All employees are trained on the job with experienced supervision. Manufacturing and installing custom closets is based on a set of skills that require constant learning about new materials, installation methods and safety processes.

Do you offer other remodeling services?

Manufacturing and installing custom closets and cabinetry is our primary business. Ken has over 15 years of experience in cabinetry, furniture and construction including kitchens, baths and additions. His skill in designing cabinetry and maximizing use of space is a real asset especially in kitchen and bathroom projects.

Florida law requires that every contractor be properly licensed in this state before being contracted to build or remodel a home. A contractor who is “certified” is licensed by the state and may operate in any city or county in this state; a contractor who is “registered” is licensed by a particular city or county and may operate only in the city or county of registration.

However, ALL licensed contractors are regulated by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“DBPR”), which can be contacted at: 1940 N. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1027; telephone (850) 487-1395

We are licensed in Florida to complete all home remodeling projects. Our license number is #CRC 1330396.

If you are interested in a remodeling project, Ken will be pleased to meet with you. Please call 850.226.2001 to schedule your initial meeting.


920 Valastics Ave. Valparaiso, Fl 32580

Tel: (850) 226-2001 Fax: (850) 678-2400

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